Review: Konak Meze, Harrogate

How does a restaurant become No 1 on Tripadvisor?  Presumably because it is good.  Well, that’s why we thought we’d give Konak Meze a try.

It’s been around for a few years, occupying a nice corner building in Mount Parade in the centre of Harrogate.   I remember it used to be a French restaurant serving Basque regional food which was very good.

I’ve had mezes in both Greece and Turkey (Turkish Cyprus to be exact), so a Saturday lunchtime, feeling a little peckish, was a good time to try Harrogate’s No.1 restaurant (according to Tripadvisor).

We walked in without booking as it wasn’t that busy.  We were shown to a window table watching the world in this quiet town cenre back street.  The restaurant is neat, attractive chairs and smart decor.  It feels like you’re in a friend’s dining room.

There’s a lunch set menu – £9.95 for two, and £12.95 for three courses.  There’s also a hot or cold meze for £9.95 with a glass or white or red wine included.

We went for the meze – three dishes each – which included lovely lambs liver with caramalised onions, grilled minced chicken meatballs, filo pastry parcels with spinach and feta, yoghurt with cucumber, garlic and mint, and spicy Turkish sausages.

The dishes were quite small, but they came with nice hot bread.  By the time we’d eaten it all our appetite was suitably satisfied.  The food had lovely flavours, was nice and fresh, and overall – yummy!

We were served (without asking) a jug of water when we sat down which is a real positive as many restaurants just want you to plunge straight into the drinks menu.  We did have a carafe of sauvignon blanc which was very drinkable and complimented the food we had.

The bill came to £33, which was very reasonable when you include the wine.  A Turkish coffee and a tea were included, and service was friendly without being over-bearing.

Konak Meze is one of two Turkish restaurants in Harrogate, and although I haven’t tried the other (called Istanbul) we’d definitely return to Konak for its ambiance and nice freshly presented food.

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